Bachelor students at Niels Brock (Copenhagen Business College) are not eligible for housing

It has come to our attention, that all bachelor programs at Niels Brock/Copenhagen Business College

  • are not accredited by the Danish Akkrediteringinstitutionen or any other Danish authority,
  • are not approved for SU (student grant for approved programs in Denmark), and
  • get their funding from high tuition fees (approximately DKK 100.000,- pr. year).

Based on this information alone (and without regard to the concerns voiced about the quality of the education), participants at the programs are not eligible for student housing at

We have previously held the mistaken assumption, that the programs were similar to all other Danish bachelor programs from recognized, Danish institutions. We sincerely and with all our hearts apologize for this to all who in good faith have been led to believe that they might be allocated an accommodation at

We also regret to inform all concerned, that the legal framework does not allow for any dispensations or other ways to deviate from the above by contacting us, even if the situation is desperate.


Niels Brock has reached out to us and requested that we clarify a few points.

  • Almost all bachelor degrees in Denmark are free and give access to student grants from the government. Our estimation of the Niels Brock tuition fee is based upon this comparison and not on any knowledge of tuition fee levels for English or international degrees.
  • The programs are not accredited by the Danish authorities (Akkrediteringsinstitutionen), but they have each obtained an advisory statement for non-approved study programs for immigration purposes (from EVA/Danmarks Evalueringsintitut). This is explicitly not an accreditation and has no impact on the eligibility to student housing.
    The statements and the evaluations can be found here (but only in Danish).
  • Whilst not accredited in or by Denmark, the programs have been accredited by two English universities. This has no impact on the eligibility to student housing.